About us

Newdles food industries started with a dream of healthy kids of India. Indian kids like the taste of noodles. Most of the noodles are prepared by maida. Full of starch. Due to lack of knowledge, our people are giving normal noodles to our children.
But our traditional millets and rice are very effective and rich nutritious food. We wanted to give it to our children and elders.We have a big dream to achieve. Big plans to execute. Big people to team up.So our victory is inevitable.
This brand is named and developed by renowned brand consultant Mr Surekaa Sundar – Chennai.


To become the market leader in millet food industry by achieving 1 Crore customers by providing high quality millet based products to every household around the world and follow our ancestors way of life for food consumption and give a better and healthy lifestyle to our next generation.


To produce high quality millet food products by supporting our native farmers and to maintain the value based policies in every stage of the product and to give millet food products in an attractive price and catchy way to reach out children to make them healthier by our natural food produced with all kind of professional ethics by using technology, hygienic and wholehearted manpower.


♦ Natural process in every stage
♦ Empathy to the consumer
♦ Worth for money
♦ Dedicated workmanship to produce quality products
♦ Love our tradition and give it back
♦ Encourage our farmers to produce millets
♦ Standard maintenance and best in the market

Our Team

Mr. Jeevan Rajaram

Chairman and Founder

He has rich experience in the organic products industry. Interested in producing healthy and pure products. He is taking care of complete marketing and sales.

Mr. Balamurugan

Director - Production

He is a serious business person with a great vision. Day to day Production & Operations will be taken care of by him.



sales and marketing

Rich experience in people handling and selling. Travelled various countries. Taking care of sales and marketing of Chennai and giving best is his nature.


Other than top-level people, we have an Excellent Team to work with production, sales and operations.